Our Approach

At Jagcor, we let our work speak for us. We aim to be fair, professional, flexible, and encourage a “can do” attitude at all levels of our company. We believe that the best way to ensure ongoing success for our business is to consistently do a great job for our clients.

To achieve this we approach all of our projects as follows:

Vertically Integrated Construction Approach

JAGCOR has the resources to extract significant synergies and cost savings due to the depth and breadth of internal capabilities.

This reflects in the investment into a wide range of modern construction equipment as well as the development of hard-core and loyal employees over the past few years.

This scale of internal resources allows greater control over our projects and allows us to give a better deal for clients.

Focused Leadership

Positive leadership is essential in the successful outcome of every project at every level and is the foundation of our company. The involvement of senior management in all areas of the project; from initial tendering to final completion is essential. But while senior management is important, we still encourage all employees to lead by example.

Robust Planning and Management

Critical to any project is planning. This involves a complete understanding of our projects and our client’s requirements. Once this is established we conduct extensive planning and project setup processes – internally and externally – to create focus and ensure timely and efficient delivery. The fundamental basis of delivering on time and achieving quality/consistency is also having robust and user friendly management systems. Jagcor systems have been developed in accordance with International and Australian standards and have been developed specifically for our business and for the work we do.


We believe that by fostering the right culture we can achieve very positive results. Our culture and approach is developed through our leadership, values and our working environment. We aim to be fair, professional, and efficient.

Internal Resources

Jagcor has invested considerable resources into a wide range of modern construction equipment and also nurtured a hard core of senior employees over the past few years. Hence, we rely heavily on internal resources and unlike a number of our competitors are not purely a Project Management Company. This approach allows greater control over our projects and allows us to give a better deal for clients. Jagcor has a solid financial standing and is not reliant on third party borrowing.

Flexibility and Continual improvement

Jagcor prides itself on its flexible approach and ability to thing outside of the box. We are committed to continually improving. We invest heavily into training and into our workforce in general. Our systems review processes based on the ISO accreditation systems engage employees and clients in a continual cycle of listening and assessment of ideas and concerns.

Indigenous Engagement A Strategic Priority

JAGCOR has an affiliation with ECB Training Services – Northern Territory. Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). ECB and JAGCOR have agreed to work collaboratively in order to achieve sustainable commercial employment outcomes for indigenous people on designated projects.

ecb-trainingSpecifically, ECB will provide all training, logistics and indigenous employment and mentoring support to JAGCOR. In turn, JAGCOR is committed to work alongside ECB, indigenous people and traditional owners to offer employment opportunities.