Civil Construction & Pre-Cast

Civil Construction


Jagcor has been involved in several high profile and challenging civil construction projects in recent years. Jagcor‘s strength and expertise lies in its ability to deliver – both in terms of cost efficiency and timeliness. Jagcor boasts and unblemished Health and Safety record.

We have the systems, experience and resources to manage projects as head contractor, or to carry out specialised civil works on large projects as a subcontractor.

JAGCOR has a strong track record and a wide scope of civil construction and works capabilities. These include:

  • Complex and high volume concrete works/placement
  • Concrete walls and columns
  • Concrete footings, pedestals and slabs
  • Concrete ring beams and tanks
  • Suspended concrete slabs and rooves
  • Various earthworks, back-fill and compaction
  • Design, Construct and Installation of concrete structures
  • Construction and installation of Coastal Erosion prevention systems (FLEXMAT)
  • Placement and management of skilled labour

Jagcor has the platform and ability to mobilize to any part of Australia, and owns a wide range of construction plant and equipment to ensure it delivers a cost effective result.  To facilitate the provision of quality services to clients in the Eastern States, Jagcor recently opened an office and workshop facilities in Evans Head, NSW.

Pre-cast Concrete

Jagcor has pre-cast facilities Perth, Darwin, Geelong and northern NSW. But also has the capabilities to set up remote operations close to site. Jagcor has the expertise to manufacture a wide range of concrete products and the in-house ability to meet complex and demanding specifications.

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